Workshops + Coaching at Your School

In the Teaching With Design professional development model Caylee works as a design coach works with teachers in groups or individually to support the planning and implementation of design projects.  Caylee offers workshops and group or individual coaching sessions to support the development of design projects that link to teaching Units and instructional goals. She also offers in-classroom support through co-teaching or through workshops for students. 

Coaching sessions and workshops are adapted to meet varying teacher needs and school budgets. Workshops and coaching sessions can be purchased per visit or as bundle. Each visit can include coaching for several teachers through individual or group sessions. Workshops and coaching rates vary, but are approximately $150/hour. 

Our Services:

Intro to Design-Based Learning Workshops
Teachers are introduced to the basics of design-based learning and participate in a mini design challenge.

Large Group Planning Workshops
Often held on Pro-D Days, teachers in this session work in small groups to plan design lessons for their classrooms

One-on-One or Small Group Coaching Sessions
In a coaching session a designer helps teachers to plan a custom design project that aligns with the teachers’ curricular and instructional goals. Each coaching session is usually about 1 hour, however multiple coaching sessions can be organized for multiple teachers in a single day. To develop a custom project, a minimum of two coaching sessions is recommended. Coaching sessions can also include co-teaching within a classroom setting.

In-Class Design Teaching
Once a design project has been co-planned through a coaching session, Caylee will come into the classroom to co-lead the project for one or two sessions. This could be at the start of the project, or a mid-way check-in point. Caylee can also lead a fully prepared design lesson or series of lessons. 

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