Designers as Global Citizens

Grade 4 - Human Rights Exhibition Project
Southridge School is an International Baccalaureate PYP School. In their grade 4 classrooms students were learning about the role of global citizens in protecting the rights of others. In their design project we asked students, "what can you design to help people who lack access to clean water, food, shelter or safety?" Each group of students chose a problem that they wanted to address based on what they had learned in their research. The students were guided through a series of empathy activities to help them better understand the people they would be designing for. Finally the students brainstormed, sketched and built models to illustrate their design solutions. 

The design process is helping me think outside the box and put myself in other people’s shoes...I think the design process is helpful because it helps you develop empathy and imagination!
— Grade 4 student

Hybrid Animals

Grade 3-7 Students - Animals + Habitats
In this design project students learn about animals including, what they eat, where they live and how they survive. Each student then drew three animal cards out of a hat. They were challenged to design a new animal that combined features from each of the animals. The students brainstormed and sketched their ideas before building and painting their models. Students were then asked to design habitats for their hybrid animals to live in based on what they would need to survive. 

If these three animals were in one egg, it would evolve like this...
— Grade 5 student

Eco-Friendly Homes

Grade 5/6 students - Science unit on energy
In this project students were asked to homes that were powered by at least two types of renewable energy resources. They also had to consider what types of materials they would use to build their home and the impact these would have on the environment. 

We started off by looking at energy and the goal was, can we create a functional living space that uses only green energy to power it? Once the kids were given all of the knowledge they needed, they then applied their knowledge in a project…it was interesting the way the kids were showing me their learning and their knowledge; it was way outside of the box
— Grade 6 Teacher